Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Shopping

I was never aware that reindeer, pine trees, and red hats with white fur and buckles were related to Thanksgiving! Well, of course they're not. Target today had a number of Christmas blouses right out front. Now, I'm not the biggest fan of Christmas in November, but the one thing I do like about it is that, as they're trying to sell the shirts ASAP, they also sell them ACAP (as cheap as possible.) I got three sparkly, well-made Christmas shirts for twenty-four dollars. That's eight dollars a shirt, and usually anything sparkly goes for fifteen dollars or above. Thirty or above if it's not in Target. Of course, since my roommate is the biggest enemy of Christmas in November, they're rolled up in the bottom of my emptiest drawer right next to her Christmas present (which is a little teddy bear - don't tell her!) and some Christmas-like socks. Now, I didn't put away all my Christmas socks; the ones I kept out all have snowflakes on them. And, in light of the fact that it snowed yesterday, I decided that snowflakes are acceptable for Thanksgiving. At least they are in Milwaukee; in Seattle, they're only acceptable for a fantasy convention.

I thought this was too cute!

It says JOY, if you can't see it.

And this one's my favorite...

So, enough shopping talk... I'm fairly certain you can guess who the next Quest for Rinaria will focus on. Remember that the clue they have to figure out now is the whale's eye, and Shartalla thinks they should look in a whaling center. By the way, if you want to see any of these pirate characters in Graystone, leave a comment, please. I would love to weave a little snippet of them in, but that would be difficult as Graystone primarily takes place in the world of the river otters, and river otters and pirates just simply do not mix. But if readers want to see them again, I would be happy to bring in Eneng, Winterblade, Ksheygha, Korep, and Snowhawk.

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