Sunday, September 8, 2013

Graystone Spoilers

Don't get too excited. There's nothing specific in these spoilers.

I have only three chapters (or four - books do tend to evolve in ways writers can't always predict) left in order for Graystone draft one to be completely completed. I'm really excited, since this is, in a way, only the second novel I've completed. Darkwoods and Pasadagavra were originally the same book, so while I wrote two endings, I only completed one novel. Now that Graystone is almost finished, I'm really excited!

Just some little things to look out for:

Fans of Anamay and Danaray, rejoice! Anamay is dead, as you may recall, but Danaray makes several appearances, and Anamay's children figure prominently in the plot - especially her son.

The Darkwoods Foxes have vanished, but one of their old allies is still strong - and still bent on inflicting as much damage as possible.

Along with the sea otters, Miamur plays a heightened role in Graystone.

And last but not least, don't forget to look for the pirates from Quest for Rinaria making brief appearances!

Best news yet? I just sent off a rough (a very rough) draft of Graystone, or what is completed of it, to a fellow author for review. More details on that later!

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