Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Expect the Unexpected

Today was my last day at Steilacoom Farmer's Market this year. I've had good times there, and I surely enjoyed the view.

I've also cleaned out my room of all the junk I've been keeping forever. One thing I've learned is that when you never throw stuff away, stuff begins to pile up. I've kept just about every doll, stuffed animal, and Halloween costume since I was five. I got rid of a lot of it yesterday. Among the departed childhood friends are Dorothy, my first 18" doll who I called Dorothy because she arrived in a Wizard of Oz style dress; Emily, a brown-haired doll who I used to keep at my Grandpa's house; Lucille, a white bear with a pinck hat and scarf that was a Christmas present from someone at Church; and Diamond, a tiny little stuffed horse that was a present from my friend Elena.
But I was allowed to keep three big plastic boxes of keepsakes. In one went all my American Girl stuff, including my four dolls (Felicity, Kit, Kirsten, and Elizabeth, in the order of my obtaining them,) the two hundred or so outfits that I collected over ten years, my Felicity's Nightgown for Girls (which I can still fit into,) and the matching girl-doll colonial ball gown set that my mother sewed for me - a dress for me, and a dress for Felicity. My Mom and I both agreed that we had spent too much money and I loved the stuff too much to get rid of any of it.

But there were some things my Mom and I did not agree to keep. Aforementioned Dorothy was one example - and frankly, I see my Mom's point. She was, after all, in pretty bad shape, and I hadn't played with her in years. There was also the matter of Kelly, a doll I got for one Christmas we spent at Vashon Island. I insisted on keeping her because Mom made all kinds of clothes for her. But I had long since resigned myself to having to get rid of a lot of stuff I didn't want to. So, without being asked, I put a lot of my childhood dolls into the "Goodwill" bags.

I was very surprised (and hugely relieved) when Mom made her inspection of the bag.

Among those I had put there was a Minnie Mouse Doll that I got at Disneyland during their 50th Anniversary. I'd purchased her on the third day we were there, and I took her on all the rides, to the parade, and even to the pool. I know I was too old for stuffed animals, but no one's supposed to act their age in Disneyland. Anyway, I'd very reluctantly put her in the Goodwill bag, and Mom saw her a moment later. She took her out and said, "You got this Minnie at Disneyland during the 50th Anniversary. We're keeping her."

You rock, Mom!

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  1. Not getting rid of things... been there, done that. It's amazing, the amount of stuff one accumulates. And then you keep coming up with reasons to keep things, when in reality, you could part with a lot of it.
    I've kept a few of my favorite stuffed animals, though, like a gray cat named Meow that I've had since I was one. When I was little, I played with Meow all the time, slept with him, and often took him with me to places. Some things, you just hold on to.