Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Classes Today

Today was interesting, not to mention considerably less disappointing than yesterday. I managed to procure a free copy of the Oresteia online - yay for Kindle!

Anyway, today was also my Women in History class. Just to be clear, that is not a "gender studies" class, it is a study of women who made a difference in the Ancient World. Anyway, as it turns out, the class is all girls. Apparently no boys applied! Shocker, right? Well, it should be different.

Other classes today included Theater Lit (which is reading plays as literature, not with the intention of performing them) and History of Witchcraft. Yes, you read that right. We will be looking at a history of black magic from all parts of the Atlantic world, including Africa and Mesoamerica, and how it was dealt with in various cultures. Yeah, this won't be weird at all!

This semester's going to be fun.

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