Tuesday, August 20, 2013


After spending a large portion of yesterday in the Tacoma Mall, guess where I went today? Why, back to the Tacoma Mall, of course. This time I went with Selah, Caleb, and Kelsey. It was so great to see them all again! We met for ice cream and chatted for a long time. After that, I went back to Selah's to hang out with her for a while. Then we got dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. Yum!

Anyway, I am currently watching the Mariners. They just tied the game 4-4. Nick Franklin had a two-run homer earlier. He just got an RBI to tie the game. That guy's having a great game! Kyle Seager is up next. No outs.

**Update: Seager was walked. Morales up next.

**Update: Kendrys Morales is the Mariners' best RBI hitter, according to the sports announcers. The pitcher threw a wild pitch on the second pitch, and Miller ran home! Mariners have now gone into the lead, and Miller scored four out of their five runs.

**Update: Morales hit a base hit that drove Franklin in! Mariner's are up 6-4! Franklin got hit on his leg. He limped off. Still no outs.

**Update: Rauuuuuul is up!

**Update: Rauuuuuul walked.

**Update: Justin Smoak struck out.

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  1. Hit in the leg by the ball... ow...
    Last year when we did softball in P.E., I got hit in the leg by the ball on one occasion, and in the mouth another time. I suppose the braces I had at the time didn't help much.
    I'm not an athletic person, as you can guess. *dodges ball someone wanted me to catch*