Monday, August 19, 2013


They don't do spellcheck in the heading, so I had to check several times to make sure I spelled the title right. Anyway...

Today Selah and I went shopping in the Tacoma Mall. She was looking for back-to-school stuff; I was just along for the fun of it. When I was there, I saw this beautiful dress. The dress below:

Fabulous, isn't it? I was kind of on the fence - $42? Should I be spending that kind of money? - but Selah, my cousin Emily, and my mom all immediately said I should get it. So I did! It's coming back to Milwaukee with me.

Anyway, onto the true purpose of the post. I did some wordcount and repagination (OpenOffice's word for it, not mine) and discovered that I am about 25 pages away from finishing Graystone! To say that I am thrilled does not begin to cover it! It's still going to be a bit shorter than Darkwoods, but it should be longer than Pasadagavra. We'll see how it turns out, but I'm going to try to finish it by the end of the plane ride. That was when I was planning to work on the last Quest for Rinaria, but I've decided that I'm going to focus on Graystone until I've at least finished the first draft. Then I will make an extra long Quest for Rinaria to make up for it.

I'm sorry to say that Graystone won't be out by Christmas. I don't have anywhere near the funds. I will definitely have to work on selling more at school, but I am aiming to have Graystone ready by the time farmer's market season starts. But, readers, I really need your help. Tell your friends about Darkwoods! Get them to buy it! If you have read Darkwoods and need Pasadagavra, please order it from my website. There should be a link at the top of the blog. Please, everyone - this is the only way.

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