Friday, August 2, 2013

The Bachelorette

Yes, this is what happens when none of my shows (NCIS, Elementary, or Last Man Standing) are putting out new episodes. I am reduced to watching and blogging about The Bachelorette.

Where to begin...

The whole concept of the show is dumb in the first place, unless it's completely scripted. Then there's the fact that dating very rarely includes a world tour. Then there's the bit that you can't get twenty-five guys to chase after the same girl and think she's "all that" - again, unless it's totally scripted. And finally, there is no way in hades that everyone is being totally honest when there is a camera following them around.

So now that that's established, take a look at some of the antics of the guys this season. They all hate Ben - uh, because Ben was smarter than they were? (He was.) Because he had a kid? I seriously doubt he was the only one. There was the one episode with the pool party - I think it was like episode three; definitely the one right after Bryan's girlfriend showed up - when one of the other guys (Mikey?) got into that little face-off with Ben. Here is my interpretation of his tirade:

"Waaaaaahhhh! Ben got a date with Des and I didn't! He better not get a flower or I'm going to throw a temper tantrum! Waaah!"

I fail to see why Ben was required to tell anybody else about his using his brain. It's not like he was stopping them from doing the exact same thing.

Then there's the whole Bryan thing. Yeah - he was cheating on his girlfriend on the show. Cheating on his girlfriend? Unacceptable! Going onto national television while doing so? That makes it worse, because he just embarrassed her. He didn't show up for the "Men Tell All" part of the show (and that episode probably deserves a post of ridicule all by itself) so I have no idea if he's still with his girlfriend, but hopefully not. But between Ben and Bryan, guess who the guys talk about more? Here's a hint: it's not the guy who publicly cheated on his girlfriend. So, apparently cheating on a woman isn't as bad as being discreet (or as discreet as you can be on camera) about your dating life. Problem, anyone?

To be fair, there are a few guys who (on camera) had their priorities straight. Okay, make that one - Brandon. I was kinda disappointed when Desiree didn't give him a rose, because he was one of three adults in that group of men. Aside from Brandon, Bryden (Iraqi War Vet - I was cheering for him!) and Ben, they all struck me as very childish. But those three above-listed men retained vestiges of dignity and maturity most of the time.

Then there's Des, and she's a pleasant but still decisive woman. When I saw pictures of her, I thought, "Oh, what an airhead," but no. She's pretty smart. Again, assuming this whole show isn't scripted. It probably is.

Wow, I just made a post about a reality TV show ... time for more country music!

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