Sunday, October 1, 2017

It's October!

Fall is my favorite time of year, so I'm pretty happy that it's October (school notwithstanding). I'm pretty excited for Halloween, and I think instead of getting a new costume this year I'm just going to add a bunch of accessories to some of the costumes I've worn in the past.

See, that's the thing - Halloween costumes are so freaking expensive that I've only ever bought the costumes, and not the cool accessories that go with them. This year, I plan to wear one of my old costumes, but add some pretty decorations to it. So, since most of my costumes all look like medieval dresses, I'm thinking I need some kind of crown, some of those bracelet-ring combos, and some pretty face decorations.

I should also probably check and make sure that Halloween costumes are allowed at work... see, I'm working two jobs again, and last fall Halloween was on a day when I was at school, but this year it's on a day when I'm at the insurance company. I don't know that their dress code allows for medieval Halloween costumes... Yeah, I need to make sure it does. 

Anyway, if you're wearing an epic Halloween costume that you're very, very excited about, post a picture to my Facebook page (if your parents are cool with that). I would really love to see what all my readers do for Halloween!

And, if you dress up as a character from Darkwoods, I'd really love to see that! ;) 

In other news, I'll have a list of craft shows I'll be selling at soon. I think they're more spaced out this year, time-wise (the first one is in the middle of October), and I'm trying to visit some places I've never been yet. Once I have the complete list, I'll post it here. 


  1. But they haven't perfected invisibility cloaks yet! How will we dress up as Wraith Mice? (sob)
    Oooh, Shartalla is cool, too. And Fawn. There's also Chite, and Nathan'el, and... (begins a long, rambling list)

    If all else fails, and the dress code says no, you can dress up as a scary insurance saleswoman for Halloween. No one will realize your everyday attire is actually a costume. You know, the classic practice of dressing up as yourself for Halloween.

    Hey, if you're doing more craft shows and other events, could you conveniently show up in my town? That would be awesome.

    1. Well lucky me, not only is my office allowing for Halloween costumes, we're actually having a dress-up competition for Halloween costumes! I am going to OWN it!