Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Go Home, Hollywood. You're Out of Ideas.

Remember my post a while back about the live-action Disney movies?

I just saw this tonight:
Do I need to say anything?

Snow White is the Brothers Grimm; Snow Queen is Hans Christian Andersen.

Also, the Huntsman was married at some point before Snow White and the Huntsman; are they going to reference that anywhere?

Also, those ice effects are terrible.

Also, if the mirror is so powerful, why did the Evil Queen have to marry Snow White's dad to get power over that kingdom?

Also, didn't the Evil Queen have a brother?

Also, is it even possible for them to rip of Frozen any more?

Also - and most important of all - why does this exist?

Fairy tales aren't meant to be fantasy epics; they're meant to be simple stories that teach lessons. The Snow Queen is probably the best fairy tale to turn into an epic (if you get the chance, read the story or watch one of the faithful movie adaptations - it's a great story), but that's not even remotely what they did here. Instead they... did... something. I'm not sure what.

By the way - that line, "You are my only weakness" - show, don't tell. Animated movies get that better.


  1. 'Maleficent' copied some of the ideas from
    'Frozen', too.
    Maybe you should stop watching the new live-action Disney movies. They too often disappoint you. Just stick with the old live-action movies, like 'Mary Poppins'. Ah, the good old classics... (starts humming soundtrack)

    1. The problem is that while they're making these bad movies, they aren't making good ones. It's really possible to make a good Snow Queen movie that was faithful to the original, but no one is...